Here’s 10 Water Storage Tips

Stainless Steal is best for Water Storage systems.














When you first purchase the tank or container, it might come with preparation directions. To ensure that the inside is clean, you can use a mild dish soap and clean water to wash out the inside walls, base and lid of the container.

I purchased a 650 gallon water tank several years ago. The tank is a heavy black tank made for water storage and is not in direct sunlight. I have treated it with bleach several times over several years but I have not kept it maintained religiously. Do I need to replace the water?

I bought a new water bed bladder which holds about 280 gallons which I put on top of carpet in my crawl space. I hooked it up with RV hose to my basement utility sink – gravity feed. I drain and refill it every year with one cup of bleach, to be used for non-drinking purposes.

I bought several dozen square 4-gallon food grade buckets with snap-on lids from craigslist for a dollar each, cleaned and filled them with water and 1 teaspoon of bleach, and stacked them up in my crawl space.

Regarding what Lauralee said about treating your water right before using… friend created the smallest pressurized DC (battery) powered Ozone generator and had a batch manufactured in durable otter boxes. Ozone is 20 times more powerful than chlorine to kill bacteria in water….with our unit you can purify water a glass at a tome before using in about 2 minutes….great for camping….easier to store than bleach and reuseable….check out.

I got word a water powered Flashlight was heading my way for a product review & immediately pictured a contraption with a propeller to dip in a running stream, or some penlight hooked up to a water bottle. Instead, I got the Hydra Light, a foot long, rubber-coated, yellow & black plastic cylinder, looking every inch […]

If you are recycling old containers be careful not to use old milk jugs, or cardboard type juice boxes. Milk proteins and Juice particulars are almost never removed completely by washing and it is best to go with a new container for long term storage.

The first thing that must be mentioned about using iodine is that some people are allergic to it, some people who are allergic to shellfish are also allergic to iodine. Second, using iodine is more effective as a point-of-use method for stored water where your not 100% sure it was stored correctly. Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets should be stored nearby, or in your bug out bag. I include it here as a fall back method. Iodine purification works best with the water temperature being over 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the iodine itself must be stored in a dark bottle away from UV sources such as direct sunlight as it is sensitive. Persons with thyroid problems or on lithum, women over fifty, and pregnant women should consult their physician prior to using iodine for purification. Iodine removes/kills Giardia lamblia better then bleach.2 Giardia lamblia is a flagellated protozoan parasite that colonizes and reproduces in the small intestine, causing giardiasis.3

Water, if adequately sealed and stored, should last for years. However, perfect storage may not be always possible for everyone. In such cases, you should replace your emergency water at least once every year. Make sure to clean up the containers before refilling.

I’m using the 55gallon drums from costco and storing them in my garage. I have gas cans and paints among other chemicals used for working on my car. Will the fumes Get absorbed into the plastic and into the water?

Most authorities suggest that a bare minimum of three-day supply of water should be stored in any average household for emergency situations. Remember, that’s only the bare minimum volume we are talking about. If you can store enough water to last you and your family for a month, then simply go for it. The widely accepted definition of “three day supply” would be one gallon a day per person – half for drinking and the rest for other essential tasks such as cleaning, cooking etc. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), however, recommends that one should store 1 gallon (per day per person) of water for drinking only.

Fill the container half way. After you fill it half way you can check the seams the valves on your container, if you have them. (This is when you add the preserver.) Once the seals are checked, fill the rest of the container.

If you plan on collecting your water from rain run off, the best way is is store it in a stainless steal tank. They generally have a 40 year life span, and they tend to actually cost less over the lifetime of the tank compared to other storage systems. Stainless Steal is best for Water Storage systems.

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